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Press Brakes



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Market leader for sheet metal fabrication solutions and metalworking machinery

Press Brakes For Sale! We are ACCURL USA, an influential producer of CNC machine tools and sheet metal processing equipment. Our world-class R&D team ensures that the most innovative technological processes go into creating the highest-quality products. ACCURL offers a wide range of precision machines such as press brakes, laser cutting machines, shearing machines, and CNC punch press. Call us today to request a quote!


Operators will love the fact that this machine helps to maximize on the highest quality results while decreasing per unit costs.


You can rest easy that you won't constantly be paying for repairs. There is very little maintenance needed for this machine.


Accurl machines exceed safety specifications. The various safety switches and guards offer more protection for the operator.


We're not the cheapest, but dollar for dollar, our machines drive better value and return a higher ROI than anyone else.

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Press Brakes

Here at ACCURL, we can offer you the best quality press brakes at the best value for the price. We offer a wide range of precision machines for a wide range of bending applications.

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Quality Shears

ACCURL offers a superior selection of high quality, high production metal shearing machines. Any sheet metal or plate cutting jobs will be done right with our well-designed shearing machines.

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Fast, efficient, and precise, ACCURL Waterjets provide top performance in waterjet machining of complex parts from many materials. ACCURL USA is your #1 if you don't want to do it twice.

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