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Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Cutting-edge fiber laser cutting technology from Accurl USA

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With Accurl USA, you don’t just get high-quality machine tools, you get a professional relationship with a company that provides

  • Fully US - Based Support & Installation Teams

  • Installation and Training Included On Every Machine

  • Control Systems Ideal For Both Novice And Professional Operators

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Fiber Laser Cutters in Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 

If you work for or own a company that uses fiber laser cutting machines, you’ve probably heard the terms lean manufacturing and Industry 4.0 thrown around. 

It seems like almost every aspect of the manufacturing process is being optimized, streamlined, and automated, and laser cutting machines are no exception.

Instead of shying away from these challenges, Accurl USA is committed to embracing change and helping you embrace some of the benefits of Industry 4.0, such as technology, safety, and automation. 

To speak with us directly about how our fiber laser cutting machines can take your company to the next level, give us a call at tel:(877) 406-9764 or fill out the form to reach a member of our team.

Accurl USA Fiber Laser Cutters - Innovative Technology

In an effort to push boundaries, Accurl USA fiber laser cutting machines feature state-of-the-art components and software from across the globe.

End-to-end, the technology in our laser cutters is literally cutting-edge. 


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Steel frames are fully annealed at over 600° to withstand years of heavy use without distortion

Auto changing pallet system allows over 5,520lbs loading weight

Gantry structure features a cast aluminum crossbeam, improving rigidity at 50% of the weight of traditional iron gantries

German-engineered, precision-manufactured racks and pinions from Alpha Wittenstein allow for smooth machine movements

Japanese-manufactured Yaskawa servo motors and drives include brushless three-phase motors and flexible motor type selection

Precitec LightCutter auto-focus cutting head

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Fiber Laser Cutting Machines from Accurl USA - Safety Built-In

With rapidly advancing technology, machine tools such as laser cutters are becoming safer. 

Safer machines minimize workplace accidents and injuries which saves you time and money. 

Accurl USA fiber laser cutting machines have a few key features to keep your operators and the overall work environment safe.

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Graphite anti-burning plates ensure machine bed and working table do not suffer warping or other heat-related damage while also protecting operators

Fume extraction system divided into zones keeps machining area free of smoke and dust while optimally reducing electrical consumption

Dust extraction system further protects operators and the working environment by eliminating dust, particles, and harmful fumes generated during cutting

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Laser Cutting Automation with Accurl USA

Lean manufacturing and Industry 4.0 rely on the ever-increasing application of automation to manufacturing processes. 

While automation plays a part in making machine tools safer, the impact of automated processes is most significantly felt on your company’s financial statements. 

Done correctly, automation can drastically improve your bottom line by minimizing the risk of operator error and even cutting down on scrap waste.

  • HYPCUT TwinCAT CNC Control system uses highly effective control algorithms to optimize machine cycle, reduce set-up time, and ensures consistent high-quality cuts
  • Libellula.CUT CAD software automatically optimizes profiles, arranging them in an optimum manner leading to maximum output with minimum scrap
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Fiber Laser Cutting + Support from Accurl USA

With Accurl USA, you’re not just getting a machine tool. You’re investing in a relationship with us. When you purchase a laser cutting machine, you get our full support with US-based support and installation teams. 

Fiber laser cutters made for Industry 4.0 require skilled operators to use them effectively, which is why we provide you with all necessary training, and why our control systems were designed for novice and experienced operator use. 

If you’re looking to take your laser cutting processes to the next level, reach out to Accurl USA today to see if one of our laser cutting machines for sale would be a good fit.

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