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The Best Hydraulic Shear Machine on the Market

You’re searching for the best shear machine on the market. You need a shear machine that will get the job done for you, every single time. And you’re probably in need of new shear equipment to keep production running profitably. Shopping online for the perfect shear machine can be tough. 

You’ll need to know the dimensions, sizes, functions, costs, and more to successfully buy the best shear machine for your operation. Most of this information isn’t accessible online, which can make your search tedious and frustrating. 

As you do your research, talk to sales reps, and discover which shear machine brand will work best for you, a few barriers may arise. The first is function. Can the shear equipment you’ve found actually handle your operational needs? Why does a specific brand cost more or less than another brand if they do the same thing? What do you get with the purchase of a new shear machine?

All of these questions and more are answered below. Continue reading to learn more about how ACCURL takes care of you and your shear machine and equipment needs. Or, you can give us a call right now to start the conversation at (866) 805-5189.

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Why Buy Your Shear Machine and Equipment From ACCURL USA

You have dozens of options when it comes to shear machines and equipment, and the team at ACCURL USA acknowledges that. We understand the potentially long, drawn-out process expected form buying high-quality shear machines and equipment. This is an investment, not only in the machine but in the partnership to the brand. 

It’s important that you choose to partner with a company, not just buy a product from a manufacturer. The machine will do its job, and the objectively better or worse engineering will shine through. But what happens when you need a second machine? What happens when you need machine support or parts? Who do you call for that? ACCURL believes in partnering with you to take care of all your shear machine and equipment needs.

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Reason #1 — Guarantees and Warranties

Your new shearing machine and equipment should be covered with guarantees and warranties. If you get into a conversation with a manufacturer or seller, and they say there are no warranties, run away as fast as you can. It’s industry standard to offer warranties at the very least. Expect them. 

Reason #2 — Shear Machine Experts

ACCURL is the foremost expert in shearing equipment. We’re always looking to move the industry forward with technology and operations. With this being one of our guiding principles, you can guarantee that we’ll be the company that takes care of you and your machines. 

Reason #3 — Technological Partners

As mentioned above, we’re technological pushing the limits in everything we do. We also focus on you, the customer, a ton. And that’s why we offer partnerships with our customers so that they don’t have to buy their machine and feel alone. We’re there for you, always. 

5 Shear Components to Consider Before You Buy

Once you decide that you need to buy a new shearing machine, it’s time to dive into the nitty gritty. This means that you need to consider the following components before buying either a used or new shearing machine. While these components may vary to some degree on each machine, they are great parts to look at before you sign the contract. 

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#1. Frame

The main frame of your shearing machine is the “backbone” of its operation. If the frame is bent, broken, or even weakened due to engineering or usage, it’s something you want to be aware of. Check to see if the shear you’re wanting to buy has a lightweight or heavy-duty frame. This could change which machine you buy to fit your operational needs. 

#2. Bed

The bed is where the operator works and feeds materials into the machine. The bed supports the blade and the material as it gets fed into the machine. You want a supportive bed. It doesn’t necessarily need to be heavier than it needs to be effective.

#3. Arm

The squaring arm does as the name implies. It squares up the material that you feed into your machine. A squaring arm needs to be secure and accurate. Take a look at the engineering and manufacturing of the arm to get a better idea on whether or not it will work for you. Some arms offer measurement guides to make it easier for material management on the bed. 

#4. Hold Downs

The clamps (hold downs) are what hold the material in place for the shear to bend or cut it. You want to make sure the clamps have enough strength to counter the shearing blade during cuts so that you don’t get any tip. Get a clean cut with strong clamp downs. 

#5. Blades

How often do you take a look at the blades on new shearing equipment? Not many buyers consider having the blade checked. While it may be a new blade, it’s always good to make sure. Also, you want to ask about the blade being the proper size and function for your type of operation. 

Shearing Equipment Accessories to Consider

You know the big 5 components on a shearing machine you should consider. It’s important that you get the big components checked and reviewed, as well as seeing if the machine as a whole can handle your operational needs. In order to thoroughly go through your potentially new shearing machine, check out these other shearing equipment and components: 

  • Special bed machining
  • Tapping accessories
  • Mitering squares
  • Bed scales
  • Hand cutouts
  • Bed ball transfers
  • Safety options: fencing, curtains, etc
  • Hydraulic high speed
  • Front gaging
  • Cooling system
  • Stacker or conveyor

Keep in mind that your shearing equipment should be fit to your needs. A one-size-fits-all approach can work, but you won't be the best match for your operational needs. Trust that ACCURL can deliver that for you. After serving the machine industry for decades, ACCURL is your trusted brand.

7 Benefits of a New Shearing Machine

You know that you need a shear machine, but have you consider all that a new shear machine can do for you? Below you will find the benefits of a new shear machine vs. a used shear machine. Read on to learn more: 

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#1. Straight, Accurate Cuts

The priority for a shear machine si to cut straight and accurately. A new shear comes with a new blade, one that has not been used yet but tested as effective. A used shear may come with a used blade that can turn into an extra expense a few months after you make the purchase. 

#2. Cleaner Cuts

A newer blade offers cleaner cuts. This means that materials come out cleaner once cut. No more jagged edges, caught blades, or multiple cuts per edge. This saves  you money and time, as well as offers your operators more control over their production schedule.

#3. Straight Edge

Torch cutting can leave some edges a little frayed. When you use a blade, it’s an even cut from end to end without worry. 

#4. Effective on Softer Metals

Shearing works well on softer metals. It can also work on harder metals, but it takes a bit more work to do so. Also, with harder metals,  you will need more pressure and a sharper blade. This is a huge benefit because if you need more pressure for harder metal, anything softer will surely work. 

#5. Little-To-No Kerf

Shearing reduces kerf to little-to-none. This means that loss of material reduces waste. This saves you time, money, and a huge headache.

Benefit #6 — Environmentally Friendly

Press brake technology has advanced over the last decade, and you can now use less oil to operate your machine. This is great in a number of ways. The first is that less oil means less cost to run the machine. Second, less used oil helps protect the environment. Finally, less oil also means a decrease in overall maintenance.

Your Experience With ACCURL USA

It’s in your benefit to choose ACCURL USA as a partner in finding the best press brake machines and equipment for your operation. With years of experience and an unwavering desire to help, you will not be disappointed with your experience. In fact, here’s an outline of your experience with us once you give us a call:

First Contact

Once you make first contact with ACCURL USA, you will be introduced to our team, our process, and our equipment. We’re here to get you the machines and equipment you need. If you’re willing, we will build a relationship and rapport with you that helps earn your trust. With that first contact, we want you to have full access to all of our offerings.


If you’re interested, the team at ACCURL will consult with you on which press brake would be the best for your operation. This process isn’t a sales system; it’s a genuine effort to find you the machine that best fits your needs.


During the consultation, we’ll talk high level information. Once we get into the details of you wanting to purchase an ACCURL press brake, we’ll dive into which one would fit you best. This means we’ll talk equipment, parts, and more.


We’ve said it a few times already, but once you decide to work with ACCURL you become a partner with us in your operations and ours. We don't’ sell you a machine and then disappear. We want to make sure your machine works properly and that you get all the support you need post purchase.

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