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ACCURL USA Commercial CNC Press Brake

Combining Technology and Innovation For Higher Performance
Higher Uptime, Better ROI, And A Leading 3-Year Warranty

All Press Brakes Include Tooling: Upper Punch and 4-Way Bottom V-Die
Control Systems Ideal For Both Novice And Professional Operators
Installation and Training Included On Every Machine
Fully US - Based Support & Installation Teams

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Press Brakes For Sale: 40 - 3,000+ Tons | 2-8 Axis



2 axis
44T - 440T
5' - 20'
Delem DA41T

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With budget in mind, Accurl USA offers the SmartFab model to ensure of the essential press brake capabilities at a great price. Coming with a NC powered backgauge, Delem DA41T Touch Screen control, & Manual Crowning.
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3-4 axis
44T - 3,000T +
4' - 20'
Delem DA58T 2D

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Accurl USA's Genius Prime series is an industry leader in entry level Y1/Y2 Press Brakes. Coming with nothing less than the best, the Prime Series comes standard with CNC controlled Y1/Y2 cylinders, X & R powered backgauge with manual Z1/Z2. Utilizing Delem's DA58T, 15", 2D Graphical Touch Screen Control this Press Brake is a staple piece for any shop and offers expansive versatility while maintaining a budget friendly price point, offer a stronger ROI.
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4-8 axis
44T - 3,000T +
4' - 20'
Delem DA66T 2D/3D

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Similar to the GeniusPrime, Accurl USA's GeniusPro model offers additional axes and sophistication. CNC controlled Z1/Z2 backgauge fingers, with the option to configure to X prime, or tower backgauge setups. Additionally offering CNC Sheet followers, hydraulic tooling packages, and other industry leading technology. All controlled by Delem's 17", 60 series, DA66T or DA69T Touch Screen 2D/3D Graphical Controls.
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4-8 axis
44T - 3,000T +
4' - 20'
Delem DA69T 3D

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Accurl USA's GeniusPlus provides all the options of the GeniusPro & GeniusPrime while adding increased working speeds, stroke, and daylight throat depth. These machines are built with the customers specific application and requirnments in mind, eliminating limitations that may be faced with a standard configuration. In turn emphasizing Accurl USA's commitment to meet each customers needs.
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IconB: Electric


2-4 axis backguage
27T - 140T
4' - 10'
Delem (DA66T / DA69T)

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Accurl USA's Icon series fully electric press brake embraces technology through utilization of servo driven motors. This implemantation results in increased speeds, accuracy, and energy effieceny.
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ACCURL USA Press Brake Products

At ACCURL, we pride ourselves in technology and quality. Very few companies around the globe can do both as well as we can. Our press brake products are top of the line while also efficient and effective. Your operation deserves the best. Let’s get you a press brake that fits your needs.

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ACCURL CNC Genius Press Brake

If you’re looking for perfect configurations and user-friendliness, the ACCURL CNC Genius Press Brake is the best product for you. Get the powerful output that guarantees sensitive bending jobs turn out as expected. What’s more, the machine can be tailored to fit your needs specifically.
Our Genius Series of press brake offers a wide variety of configuration possibilities, suitable for all applications. With the ability to configure the press brake from 3 axes up to 10+ axes, it gives the customer a machine that is truly built for their needs.


Due to the ever-increasing demand worldwide to decrease our carbon footprint while becoming as efficient as possible, AccurlUSA has developed a new series of press brakes, the eB ICON (Eco Bend) all Electric Press Brake series. With the addition of these state of the art all-electric press brakes for manufacturing, AccurlUSA will be firmly ensconced in the upper echelon of precision press brake manufacturers worldwide. The new technology of all-electric press brakes was created with one major goal in mind.

ACCURL NC Smart Hydraulic Press Brake

Top-grade technology was used to build the ACCURL NC Smart Hydraulic Press Brake. This hydraulic press brake is one of a kind. It offers supreme dexterity and granular precision you won’t find anywhere else.
The NC Smart offers a great solution for the buyer who needs a simple solution without all of the bells and whistles. This is the perfect setup for single, simple bend parts. With a 2 axis configuration, comes a machine that is extremely simple and easy to operate.

Buy Press Brakes for Sale Now

You need a press brake. We sell press brakes. You would think it’s a match made in heaven. But before you sign a contract, we want to make sure what we offer actually fits your needs. Check out our inventory below and give us a call directly at (866) 805-5198 to get more information on our press brake products.

  • Hybrid System
  • Start And Stop System
  • Electrical Panel With High-Quality Components
  • Stainless Steel Front Supports Adjustable In Height
  • Automatic Hydraulic Crowning
  • Complete Backgauge Fingers On Double Linear Guide With LEDs
  • Adjustable Clampings
  • Hardened, Grinded tools and Clamps for Quick Tools Adjustment
  • High Precision Optical Lines
  • Electric Welding of High Precision
  • Usage of High-Tech Boring Machines for Extreme Precision Parts
  • Graphic Color CNC
  • Silent and Reliable Internal Gear Pump
  • Laser Beam Safety Photocells
  • Hydraulic System Regulated by Proportional Valves

Benefits of Our Press Brake Series

Manufacturing companies have a lot on their plate making quotas and trying to grow their business. All of the benefits of our Accurl Press Brake Series are tailored to help with this process. There are four broad categories of benefits that our clients report when it comes to our Press Brake Series.

Quality Finished Product

Our Press Brakes feature an automatic crowning table that enables them to achieve complete smoothness during the bending process all along the bending width. Buyers can choose a crowning system that is powered either hydraulically or mechanically. With either choice, the movement is managed directly by the CNC automation system.

Easy Interface

A CNC machine tool is an automated machine tool. These automation processes not only make manufacturing more efficient, they also make the tools easier to use. Not only does it consolidate training into essentially a software operation manual, but the tools allow for much more precise control than ever before

Programming can be done in 2D and 3D, and can be done graphically or numerically. Off-line machine programming can be done by qualified professionals. Automatic calculation of the working process, bending sequence, nominal pressure, axes positioning, crowning, etc. This allows for easier management of operational parameters and allows operators to maximize efficiency. The machine can simulate bending process/program press brakes with files transmitted through a USB, LAN network, or Wi-Fi network. DFX, DWG, and IGES files can all be uploaded directly. The machine contains a tool library with easy access. Webcam assistance is available as an option.

Precise Repetitiveness

In order to assure the scalable production of products with extremely precise measurements, each Press Brake is equipped with a backgauge constituted of a solid structure to ensure exact axes positioning.

Backgauge is set on a linear guide that is directly fixed at the structure’s frame. Two linear guides at the front of the machine allow for the possibility to easily move and manage machine fingers in complete safety. Machine fingers are interchangeable using different shapes. Different backgauge configurations are available (X, R, Z1, Z2, X2, X3).

Increased Safety

Accurl machines comply with all of the strictest EU safety regulations, which have some of the highest regulations of any organization. Our machines are designed to guarantee operator safety without sacrificing (and in fact, improving) the pace of work.

The most advanced laser systems allow for precise measurement. Safety PLCs manage and monitor the action of proportional valves. Visible dual-beam connects to the upper tool, and blocks movement of press brake when interrupted. Grading scale allows for easy adjustment. Automatic safety monitoring of relevant parameters.

What Sets Accurl Apart?

When it comes to investing in a business, we get that owners want to ensure they are getting their money’s worth. This is especially true for higher-end equipment investments, where it becomes even more important that a product can do what it says it can. Accurl is known around the world for the quality of its machine tool production, and has helped many businesses ramp up to meet their production goals. Here’s a little bit more information about why people choose Accurl Brand machine tools.


Automatic machine tools from Accurl allow companies to scale HIGH-QUALITY production, creating better, more affordable products for their customers.


You might think that a complicated machine tool from Accurl may require regular, intensive maintenance, but that is not the case with our machine tools.


All of Accurl’s machine tools are made with safety as the number one priority. Switches and guards are designed specifically for operator protection.


Machine tools, especially automatic CNC machine tools, can come at a high price point. Our goal is to beat the competition, both in quality and price.

Have we piqued your interest in our Accurl CNC Press Brakes? If you want to see how this, or any of our other machine tools, can benefit your company, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.