ACCURL USA Press Brake Products

At ACCURL, we pride ourselves in technology and quality. Very few companies around the globe can do both as well as we can. Our press brake products are top of the line while also efficient and effective. Your operation deserves the best. Let’s get you a press brake that fits your needs.

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ACCURL CNC Genius Press Brake

If you’re looking for perfect configurations and user-friendliness, the ACCURL CNC Genius Press Brake is the best product for you. Get the powerful output that guarantees sensitive bending jobs turn out as expected. What’s more, the machine can be tailored to fit your needs specifically.

Our Genius Series of press brake offers a wide variety of configuration possibilities, suitable for all applications. With the ability to configure the press brake from 3 axis up to 10+ axis, gives the customer a machine that is truly built for their needs.

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Accurl Icon Series Press Brake

Due to the ever increasing demand worldwide to decrease our carbon foot print while becoming as efficient as possible, AccurlUSA has developed a new series of press brakes, the eB ICON (Eco Bend) all Electric Press Brake series. With the addition of these state of the art all electric press brakes for manufacturing, AccurlUSA will be firmly ensconced in the upper echelon of precision press brake manufacturers worldwide. The new technology of all electric press brakes was created with one major goal in mind.

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ACCURL NC Smart Hydraulic Press Brake

Top-grade technology was used to build the ACCURL NC Smart Hydraulic Press Brake. This hydraulic press brake is one of a kind. It offers supreme dexterity and granular precision you won’t find anywhere else.

The NC Smart offers a great solution for the buyer who needs a simple solution without all of the bells and whistles. This is the perfect setup for single, simple bend parts. With a 2 axis configuration, comes a machine that is extremely simple and easy to operate.

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