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Abrasive Waterjet

Need a precise cutting mechanism for our manufacturing project? A CNC waterjet cutter offers you more control, scalability, and safety than other machine tools.

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Waterjets, or waterjet cutters, are an industrial cutting tool capable of severing a large variety of materials, from wood to metal. They are able to accomplish this by creating a very high pressured “jet” of water, often mixed with another abrasive substance. When industrial materials need to be cut using a method that doesn’t involve heat, a waterjet is a great choice of machine tool.

Most industrial waterjets will be abrasive waterjets, meaning they use a mixture of water and an abrasive substance in order to better cut a material. A pure waterjet is a waterjet that doesn’t use an abrasive mixture, and is generally used for purposes of cutting materials like wood or rubber.

Here at Accurl, our CNC abrasive waterjets are able to perform precise manufacturing cuts at scale. If you are looking to increase production with a high quality machine tool, then Accurl has the solution.

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Accurl Quality

We are committed to providing our clients with only the highest quality in CNC machine tool manufacturing. Having been in the manufacturing industry for years, we know just how important machine tools are for the ability to scale with precision. That’s why we work to perfect the latest designs in our waterjet cutters, culminating in products that can handle more accurate manufacturing without sacrificing operator safety.


Operators will love the fact that this machine helps to maximize on the highest quality results while decreasing per unit costs.


You can rest easy that you won't constantly be paying for repairs. There is very little maintenance needed for this machine.


Accurl machines exceed safety specifications. The various safety switches and guards offer more protection for the operator.


Looking for a CNC press brake at a good price point? Well you're in luck because ACCURL press brakes prices cant be beat.

Benefits of a Water Jet Cutter

There are essentially three types of automatic cutting machines. The shearing machine uses mechanical strength to shear metal and other materials. This machine is great for many applications, but tends not to be as great for precise cuts. There is the laser cutting machine, which uses heat generated by laser beams to melt and cut through materials. Finally, there are water jet cutters, which use pressure and water (and other liquids) to cut materials. Here are some of the benefits that using a waterjet cutter is associated with.

  • Waterjet cutters can create precise, complex cuts in any material. Combined with specialized software and 3-D machining heads, even convoluted shapes can be manufactured.
  • The kerf, meaning the width of a cut, on a waterjet can be adjusted easily by switching out the nozzle. For abrasive cuts, the kerf can be as narrow as 0.51mm. For non abrasive cuts, the kerf can go down to 0.076mm, which is the width of a human hair.
  • Waterjet cutters have no heat-affected zone (HAZ), because they produce no heat. This means that they can cut materials without affecting their inherent chemical structure, allowing them to keep their intrinsic properties. Because of this, bevels, pierce holes, sharp corners, and shapes with minimal inner radii become possible with a waterjet.
  • Waterjet cutters' amazing precision allow them to attain accuracy to the level of 0.13mm, and repeatability to the
    level of 0.025mm.
  • Efficient use and design with a watercutter can equate to less scrap metal produced during manufacturing, since uncut
    parts can be positioned more closely than with traditional cutting machines.
  • Operators of waterjets are exposed to fewer hazardous materials from airborne dust particles, fumes, smoke, and other
    contaminants produced by other machine tools.
  • Because waterjet technology has no contact medium (unless the water is recycled), it can actually be used in the meat
    cutting industry to avoid risk of cross contamination.

Waterjet Process Characteristics

There are essentially five main process characteristics regarding waterjet cutting:

The first one is that a high velocity stream of water (between 30,000-90,000 psi) is produced by a high pressure pump, and will likely make use of abrasive particles suspended in the water.

Delicate, hard, and heat sensitive materials can be cut without harming or changing their intrinsic properties.

No heat damage is caused on a workpiece surface or material edges.

Nozzles are made of either sintered boride or composite tungsten carbide and can be switched to change the kerf.

Cuts produce a taper of less than 1 degree, which can be further reduced or eliminated by slowing down the cutting process, or tilting the jet.

Here at Accurl, our goal is to help a certain kind of person and a certain kind of company achieve success: the kind of person that wants to build, and build well, and the kind of company that hires those people. If you want to put the tools at your operators’ disposal that will help your company achieve new production goals without sacrificing safety or quality, then Accurl’s machine tools are a great option for you. Our CNC waterjets are just one of the machines that can help your company succeed. For more information about our machine tools, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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