Challenge, change, and creativity. They’re not just buzzwords – they make up three of our five core values at Accurl USA.

With cutting-edge components from the likes of Alpha Wittenstein and Yaskawa, we challenge the capabilities of traditional parts and processes.

Through advancements in our proprietary IoT technology found in the HYPCUT CNC controls of our fiber laser cutting machines, we change the status quo – putting Industry 4.0 within the reach of companies.

And, with features such as Libellula CAD/CAM software, Accurl USA helps you address challenges of saving time and money with creativity.

At Accurl USA, we’re committed to developing the tools companies like yours need to embrace Industry 4.0 and succeed!

If that sounds like something that could benefit your company, contact Accurl USA today to speak with a member of our team about pricing on our laser cutting machines for sale.