Used Hydraulic Press Brake

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Used Hydraulic Press Brake

If you ask someone who has never been in an industrial environment about bending metal, their response may include Uri Geller, an illusionist who gained some fame in the 1970’s with his supposed psychic abilities that included bending spoons via telekinesis. Geller’s abilities were largely debunked but he went on to achieve celebrity status around the world.

Early machine parts had to be handcrafted and were more of an art using hand tools and a micrometer to get the precise measurements. While metalworking has been around since the dawn of civilization using soft metals like gold and silver and later copper and copper alloys, bronze, and iron.

Steel was a latecomer to the family of metals with the development of smelting processes like the Bessemer process in the mid-1800s. Aluminum joined the usable metal club in the late 1800s when the Bayer process of extracting aluminum from bauxite ore was invented. Space age metals like titanium and its alloys were the last to join this unique club.

Non-Psychic Metal Bending

Metals would mean little if ways to shape them into usable parts and products were not developed. And one of the most important developments was the press brake with the sole function of bending metal in a precise way. Accurl based in Salt Lake City, Utah is a supplier of used hydraulic press brake as well as metal cutting shears, punch presses, plasma cutting and water cutting machinery to turn those raw metal sheets into any shape desired.

The computer age introduced technologies like AutoCad that ended the days of the blueprinting process and allowed the specifications to be converted into numbers that are fed into a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) unit that directs the metalworking machine to make a precise cut or bend to produce many identical parts in quick order.

Used hydraulic press brake offered by Accurl includes the NC Smart Press Brake that is built to last regardless of how tough the job might be. This hydraulic press brake is designed to produce precision parts and is ergonomically constructed to make it safer and easier to operate. It is controlled by a Delem DA41s Control System that allows up to 25 bends per program and 100-program storage capacity.

And if you are a machine shop owner who needs to notch it up, the Accurl 6 Axis CNC Press Brake (Genius press brake) is made for flexible and faster production of parts compared to standard press brakes. This press brake has the Delem DA66T CNC control system with USB peripheral interfacing.

Perhaps you are just starting up and are not ready for a “super press brake” but instead need a low-cost machine to begin your production. As bigger, more established manufacturers replace their machines with newer models from Accurl, the still functional old machinery can be adapted to meet your needs.

AccurlUSA is your source for new and used press brakes that will deliver the parts you need at the cost you can handle. To request a quote, use the online form to tell us about your needs or call 866-832-1425. Be sure to look at the customer testimonials on YouTube and social media outlets.

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