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High-Quality Results With Low Operation Cost

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Press Brakes For Sale: 40 - 3,000+ Tons | 2-8 Axis

  • Easy Interface
  • Angol control system
  • Foot pedals
  • Back gauge
  • Top blocks
  • Clever crowning
  • Front support
  • Hybrid system
  • Delem control unit
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SmartFab: Unbeatable Results

Accurl press brake machines are known for their exceptional design, which provides the user consistent, high-quality results with low operating costs. The SmartFab is a small press brake — a 2-axis press brake equipped with a Delem DA41T control panel. It utilizes a synchronous torsion bar that is also used in our larger press brakes, as well as German Bosch-REXRoth hydraulic system that is fully integrated into the design and so alleviates hydraulic fluid leakage. A DSP Laser Safety System that is compliant with EN12622 regulations is option available. This highly advanced laser system can help protect the operator while in use. When you buy an Accurl SmartFab press brake you are guaranteed a high-quality, reliable machine that is safe to operate and will cut costs while increasing the quality of results.

Accurl & Moore Machine Tools

When you’re looking for machine tools that can reliably perform, you need look no further. We offer the best in CNC press brakes and customer experience. When you buy from us, you can expect to speak with industry experts who understand the needs of your business because we have years of working experience. What’s more, we can offer you access to the press brake you’re interested in before you buy it. We also offer financing because we know the type of investment you are making when you buy a press brake machine tool. If you want to buy the best and work with the best, it’s time to give us a call. Contact us today!

Maximum Stamina

Lower Energy Consumption

Faster & More Efficient

More Laser-On-Time

Delem DA41s CNC Control Unit: Optimal Control

This Netherlands-made control unit is the most powerful and efficient programming for CNC press brakes on the market. It offers all the construction details and is guaranteed to last and provide outstanding performance.

  • Bright LCD display 320 x 240
  • Angle & Tool programming
  • CNC Back gauge control
  • Developed length calculation
  • Up to 25 bends per program
  • Servo, frequency inverter and AC control
  • The basic machine control functions are Y, X-axis.

German Bosch REXRoth Hydraulic System: Reduce Maintenance

One of the star components of our CNC press brake is the hydraulic system. The German-made hydraulic system is fully integrated into the design of the press brake system. As a result, the machine operates seamlessly, and less opportunities for hydraulic fluid leakage exist, meaning less time and money wasted on maintenance.

Enjoy peace of mind and produce more with less maintenance.

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DSP Laser Safety System: Safety & Performance

The Accurl press brake wasn’t just engineered to perform with little needed maintenance. It was designed with safety in mind, too. DSP laser is visible and is compliant with EN12622 regulation. This beam provides visible protection for the operator keeping them from being crushed between the upper and lower tool of the press break.

  • Created with the most advanced laser system
  • Box-shaped bending feature
  • Innovative tools grid guarding pattern
  • Operation is completely foot pedal controlled
  • Auto-banking automatically detects box and side-wall
  • UL-approved
  • Type 4 patented process control
  • In the case of collision, damage is avoided as the safety release supports are unhooked


  • Lazersafe-Defender Plus

Safety and performance should never be compromised.

BGA-1 CNC Backgauge: Repetitive Precision

The BGA-1 CNC backgauge of the SmartFab press brake is a solid structure ensuring repetitive precision for both axises.

  • Stroke X = 800 mm
  • Max Speed X = 350 mm
  • Stroke R = 200 mm (manually adjust)

Advantages Offered:

  • X-axis with HIWIN linear guide and ball screw
  • Manual Z1, Z2-axis with linear guide
  • DELTA Servo motors and drives
  • Less noise, greater durability, and increased precision
  • Unprecedented positioning repeatability of 0.005 mm
  • Gauge fingers are positioned with precision and as quickly as the operator positions the part

Have we piqued your interest in our Accurl CNC Press Brakes? If you want to see how this, or any of our other machine tools, can benefit your company, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.