ACCURL USA Shear Machine Products

At ACCURL USA, we partner with you to find the best shear machine to keep your operation moving forward. We want you to succeed. That means find the best shearing machine for your operation so that you can stay profitable. Let us help you find the best machine in the industry.

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Master Shear

Par for the course at ACCURL USA, our Master Shear is built from an industry leading design. It offers smoother, more precise cuts, whether you’re cutting thick or thin materials. Expect high strength, productivity, and sensitivity while operating. The safety features on the Master Shear are second to none. The Master shear offers all of today’s conveniences that could be desired in a shear. From automatic blade gap, and rake angle adjustment, to a touch screen control system, this system is designed with operator convenience in mind.

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Hydraulic Shear Genius

If you want an excellent cut at a perfect speed, check out the Hydraulic Shear Genius. It’s so nice, you’d think it could run itself (and in some cases, it does). As top worldwide manufacturer of shearing machines, we stand behind the Hydraulic Shear Genius. With this machine, you can adjust the blade gap, cutting angle, and cutting length to fit your needs. The Genius series offers an extremely capable shear, that is very similar to the master series, aside from a few convenience options and aesthetic features.

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