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Here at Accurl, we know just how much productivity a high-quality machine tool can bring to a business. When it comes to press brakes, we are one of the top quality brands in circulation. If you haven’t stayed up to date on Accurl machine tools, here is a little more information about the Icon Brake Series.


Due to the ever-increasing demand worldwide to decrease our carbon footprint while becoming as efficient as possible, AccurlUSA has developed a new series of press brakes, the eB ICON (Eco Bend) all Electric Press Brake series. With the addition of these state of the art all-electric press brakes for manufacturing, AccurlUSA will be firmly ensconced in the upper echelon of precision press brake manufacturers worldwide. The new technology of all-electric press brakes was created with one major goal in mind. The goal was to produce an all servo-electric press brake which would reduce consumption of fossil fuels by at least 50% or more. Currently we are able to offer these highly sophisticated Eco-friendly servo-electric press brakes in multiple sizes & configurations to pair perfectly with any production environment.

Icon Press Brake Features

Advancements in the technology of machine tools have greatly increased manufacturing productivity, but the end results of accuracy and repeatability can vary widely depending on the brand, model, and condition of a machine tool. The ICON series has high scores on high-end accuracy and repeatability, making it the ideal machine for production where both are required.

Accurl Icon Series Press Brake

What Sets the Icon Series Apart?

One of the biggest advantages of the Icon Series press brakes is that they are fully electric. Traditional hydraulic press brakes tend to be slower, less energy-efficient, less precise, with less repeatability than electric press brakes like the Icon Series.

Due to the “on-demand” servo motor driven concept this brake utilizes, the electric motors turn on and off and run only while needed. Many benefits arise from this operational method. Since there is no hydraulic system within the new AccurlUSA servo-electric press brake, none of the activities that are required to maintain a hydraulic oil system are required for this all-electric press brakes, minimizing maintenance costs. Because of the servo drives, the movement of the press brake is considerably faster in all directions when compared to conventional brakes, the result of that is increased productivity while maintaining + – .0004 accuracy and repeatability in all directions.

Add to that accuracy the ability to program the punch finger to plus or minus .001 degrees bending angle. There is another benefit to the all-electric press brake driven by servo motor, the machine never warms up. No heat is transferred to the rest of the machine as hydraulic press brakes tend to do. The AccurlUSA ICON, all-electric press brake, retains first part accuracy for the entire time the machine is producing parts, no readjustment necessary. Another benefit is the operating sound level. The ICON’s sound output compared to a hydraulic machine is like comparing people whispering in a library to fans shouting in the stands for their favorite sports team.

The working speed of the machine tool is programmable, ensuring that bending is done both without loss of manufacturing quality and operator safety. The time cycle comparison of the Icon series clearly shows a significant decrease in each bending time cycle since the implementation of an electric system.

Why Upgrade to Icon?

We know that machine tools aren’t an investment that a business should take lightly. But if you are already using another brand of press brakes, or even have an older model Accurl brand, an Icon Series press brake just may give your company the opportunity to increase production and revenue substantially.

For more information about how the Accurl Icon Series press brakes can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to reach out at your earliest convenience.

Accurl Icon Series Press Brake

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